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Izaak walked out of the conference chamber slowly. He couldn't help but feel dejected and somewhat at a loss, but he nonetheless squared his shoulders and reached within himself for inner calm.

Izaak finally spotted Damian standing alone in a corner with his arms folded across his chest. Izaak's breath hitched suddenly at the sight of him. He stood out of all in the room. He just had this animalistic presence, like raw energy all tapped up inside of him. He reminded Izaak of a panther, wild and ferocious and starkly beautiful. Suddenly the thought pierced him that Damian would be putting his life on the line tonight, and all because Izaak had asked him to. If he dies I will never forgive myself, he thought miserably. When this is all over, ..... if we make it through this, I will show Damian the rewards of being in my service. We will have some small piece of pleasure, at the end, when we are almost broken and half-alive. The thought made him smile.

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On August 22nd, 2008 11:33 am (UTC), d_morningstar commented:
Damian spotted Izaak approaching him from across the room. He pushed himself off the wall he was perched against and stood, crossing his arms over his chest and staring at Izaak. Damian had never quite gotten used to being able to see Izaak every day. It was strange to him, because no matter how many times he gazed upon him, it seemed like a new and wondrous miracle. Watching Izaak walk towards him was almost intoxicating, like he was coated with musk. It simultaneously stimulated Damian and repulsed him. He was drawn to Izaak like the moth to the flame, and yet he feared that if he let Izaak get to close, he would get burned. And it would only be his own fault, for who could blame the sun for being too bright?

Damian shook his head to himself, clearing away old thoughts. No matter what his confused fledgling feelings, he knew one thing for certain. He would see Izaak alive. He would see it though all others die, though the world come to an end. He would see it done, no matter what. It was the one way he could give himself to Izaak and be satisfied.

When Izaak reached his side, Damian cocked an eyebrow, inquiring.
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On August 22nd, 2008 11:38 am (UTC), izaak_waldemar replied:
Izaak smiled softly. "We're to fight. We have scarce hours to pull together a fighting force to deal with the werewolves." Izaak outlined the plan in detail, linking his arm with Damian's and leading him towards the exit. They reached Izaak's car, a sleek Alfa Romeo driven by a buxom female Toreador. When they both slid into the back seat, Izaak turned to Damian and noticed his face was flushed.

Izaak pressed the back of his hands against Damian's cheeks. "Are you all right? You look fit to burst into flames."
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On August 22nd, 2008 11:43 am (UTC), d_morningstar replied:
Damian fidgeted. It's all this bloody close contact, you idiot! You make me feel so... but he said nothing aloud. He merely took Izaak's hands, leading them away from his face. He turned his face away, propping his elbow up against the window and watching the passing traffic. His other hand, though, he left in Izaak's. He shoved all his feelings away, thinking intensely of cold showers and all manner of unpleasant things. ...so alone. Though I had never thought of myself like that before.

So, tonight we might die, eh? Damian smiled. I could use a workout.
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